Sunday, February 6, 2011

downton abbey withdrawal

so many friends are going through withdrawal over the end of downton abbey on masterpiece theater sunday nights and I remembered a fashion story I art directed for victoria magazine many years ago are some of the images of Edwardian fashion circa 1915, from the archives of collector Lesley Balazs that will keep me in the mood until the next installment picks up again! photographs by toshi otsuki


  1. Thank you, thank you...for sharing so many years of beautiful inspiration with us. The pictures are just lovely and I feel blessed to have many wonderful issues of Victoria Magazine in my library.

    Best regards,
    Julie M.

  2. I loved Downton Abbey but, the ending left me hanging. Can't wait for more episodes. The whole production was beautiful. I miss the old Victoria and am glad I saved many of the old issues...they are nice to pull out on a cold day.
    Have a graet week,

  3. Toshi is my favorite photographer
    Thanks for a beautiful post

  4. WAIT! I'm confused! Downton Abbey is ending?! I just discovered Downton Abbey and it's ending?! Is it a seasonal show? UGH! I'm gonna have to pay a visit to to figure out what your talking about.....anyway, I'm so happy I found your blog thru Alison from Stuff and Nonsense.

  5. yes, the first show was in 4 parts and has ended, but there was such a demand for it here and in the UK, that they are filming a second season!
    in the meantime, you can watch episodes you missed
    on-line or buy the dvd from Amazon...Tricia