Sunday, March 13, 2011

the land girls

in england during world war II, with a shortage of food and no men to work on the farms, the country called on its women to volunteer and go out to the farms to work: to milk the cows and grow vegetables to support the cause, all under government direction. This division was called the land girls... beauticians, aristocrats, secretaries and housewives, all lived together in dorms on farms from coast to coast... i love this "can do" spirit and had the opportunity to create an interpretation of this movement many years ago in victoria this time of year, with things sprouting and the growing interest in gardening and local farming, I keep thinking of my days in england at combermere abbey creating this inspirational story and wanted to share it!

the english country look: tweed jackets, handknit sweaters, flowered skirts and wellies never go out of style

The Land Girls by Angela Huth is the historical novel which we based our feature on, and it was made into a film in there is a new BBC series...hope we'll be seeing it on masterpiece theater soon!

photographs by pia tryde


  1. Looks fabulous! I love all the photos they have a very romantic, can do look to them.We Women Rock~Cheers Kim

  2. it all looks very romantic and very ralph lauren to me. i'd have gladly been a land girl if i got to dress like that.


  3. Look forward to seeing the new BBC series thanks for letting us in on it. The clothes do look very Ralph Lauren tailored, classic always spot on.

  4. I saw someone pin one of these pictures and instantly recognized it from the Victoria article. I still have it in my stash. :)