Saturday, May 14, 2011

guest rooms

I have a lot of house guests coming next weekend as we are having The New General Store pop-up shop weekend. Tucking in extra beds in the garden shed, in the sitting room, in my studio! Remembered a story I did for Country Home magazine on guest room prep as I get ready and pulled the list out.

guest room essentials:

extra blanket/throw
water carafe and glass
scented candle
book of short stories
pad and pen
good reading light
desk/table with comfortable chair
set of towels
terry robe
bath salts/lotions
tea tray set up
notes to guests about breakfast/coffee
pretty flowers!


  1. I did love that story and have used that list now and then. Have fun with your store and your guests.
    Ness xx

  2. Wish you were on this side of the pond and could join us...Matthew Mead is coming to sign his new book and have a tent full of his treasures too!

  3. hope next weekend is wonderful... wish i could be there... xx