Sunday, June 5, 2011

june roses

rosa multiflora alba
I know serious gardener friends see this rose as a pest as it rambles all over, but in early june on long island along roadways, in woods and gardens, this fragrant wild white rose looks beautiful to me...I love to snip long sprays of it, and put in large white pitchers or glass cylinders on big tables and cut the small ones for mantels or window sills or bedside tables...the creamy white roses are single petal in clusters and were discovered in france in 1824.


  1. Tres jolie! Alas, not along any roads in Southern California! Drat!

  2. HOW could such beauties be seen as a pest! I must find some for my garden.

  3. i have this lovely in my garden ... it falls allover my grass and my lawn guys want to kill me... but i love it anyway... it is like a giant mophead!