Sunday, July 10, 2011


I used to pass my current house for years driving by and the fence(unfortunately old chain link) was covered with masses of wild sweetpeas... I thought of it as the sweetpea house...The house was built in the 1820's, and recently found out that they were one of Emily Dickinson's favorite flowers and she had them planted at her home of the same period...When I bought the house a few years ago, I tore down the fence,and replaced it with privet and lost the sweetpeas, but think it's time to find another spot for them, as they belong here!


  1. many years ago, when driving through Norfolk in England, I passed an old chalkboard in a field with a sign for a sweetpea sale on the back of an old man's car, with bucket of lavender and pink sweetpeas...As I was oohing and aahing, the photographer/friend I was with, Wm P.Steele, stopped and bought me a bunch...I always think of this day and the spontaneity of our experience whenever its sweetpea season...