Friday, July 29, 2011

The Laundress comes to visit

our friends from The Laundress came out from the city yesterday for lunch and a private shopping session at The New General Store...they wore their summer whites and showed us their new home cleaning product line which we'll be featuring in the fall and we all had such a great time! We set the table with our Barbara Eigen serveware mixed with teak accessories, some vintage pieces, and our favorite glasses, a jug filled with greenery and asked a few other friends to stop by and meet Gwen, Lindsey and Gelina...we're already planning our next lunch and visit!

photographs by tara sgroi


  1. I absolutely love the Laundress products! I use everything for our laundry and even the pup's bed. Love love love them! I wrote a testimonial that was on the site a while ago, not sure if it's still there. I'm so excited to see they are doing a new line!

  2. I have been using the Laundress products for a while. Love them, fantastic scent!

  3. yes, I've been using their laundry products since they started, but their new household cleaning products are great.. they feel natural and actually clean so well, you'll love them too!

  4. these girls are lovely and the make lovely products...i'm been using it for years and love the new cleaning line too! xoxo-marysia