Tuesday, August 2, 2011

blackberries and cream

this time of year, all I need is a cup of blackberries and a drizzle of cream for breakfast or dessert, to eat simply or mixed with peaches or ice cream...our farmstand is brimming with them this week...for dinner parties, I fill these little silver cups with berries on a tray and serve with a bowl of coffee ice cream and let guests help themselves...
photograph by matthew mead for"Summer"


  1. I think I might find myself taking more than one...

  2. hello tricia...
    i was hoping to stop by for a visit in august. will be in montauk aug 20th... would it be possible to visit your store? pls email me at

    many thanks...

  3. Hi,
    so sorry, but we only set it up a couple of times a year, and it will all be stored for processing our on-line mail orders by the 20th...having a big event that day for our local historical society and a dinner here in the studio where we set up shop! On the 20th, I'll be setting up dinner for 50 and hanging last minute exhibits down the road at the Mary Louise Booth house...
    if you send me your email, I can send you the invite in case you are coming or going at the right time to stop by!

  4. hi Tricia,
    any chance your store is open this weekend?
    will be great, we are in bellport , and big fans of yours... would love to stop by. let us know!